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Back from Cincinnati

We’re back from my opening at Manifest Gallery and while I hope you go see the show, there are so many other reasons to go to Cincinnati! Continue reading »

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Pathos dynamic tension in the male nude by Lucas James Anisotropic Images photography

In my art I have been attempting to portray an inner-self.  It’s a vision within us that exists in balance with the outside physical world, but is largely hidden.  I made a small change in my photography, and it took my work deeper into this realm. Continue reading »

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New Work: Physical Psychological

I’ve been creating some new artwork that gets at the physical-psychological link between perception and bodily reality. Continue reading »

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Experimenting with New55 Film

New55 test by Lucas James, Anisotropic Images

Yesterday I was out playing with an antique camera and two sleeves of New55 film.  Man, I can’t wait to do more with this stuff! Continue reading »

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New Work Premier

Showing in May at 555 Gallery

I’m thrilled to announce that photographs from my new series Event Horizons will be on display at 555 Gallery in South Boston ( throughout the month of May.   The curator of 555 Susan Nalband is taking a unique approach to this group show.  Each of the artists will be available for “Portfolio Talks” discussing the work on display as well as other work they may be producing.  This is a chance to get to know both an artist and their work in a one to one setting.

Event Horizon series at 555 Gallery in Boston Event Horizon series at 555 Gallery in Boston Event Horizon series at 555 Gallery in Boston




I’m scheduled to be at the gallery on three Saturdays (May 16th and 30th and June 6th) from 2- 5 pm, as well as on Thursday May 21st from 6-8 pm.  These are informal sessions where I’ll be talking about the development of my new series titled Event Horizons, some of which are featured above.  In addition to the work on display, I would be happy to show you the extended series which will be available in the gallery’s flat files.   I look forward to seeing you there!


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In my recent work, the metal surfaces are increasingly redefining the meaning of the human form.  In the definition, a transformation emerges. Continue reading »

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I wish I could say that I planned this…

But as is the case with much of my life, that simply isn’t true.  For much of my career in science I have relied upon a solidly unscientific tool- my gut.  It’s true that I weigh the data and information about every decision, spend house analyzing options and worry over possibilities.  But when a major decision has to be made, such as which job to take, what path to follow or (most importantly) with whom to spend the rest of my life, I have always gone on instinct.  The few times I didn’t trust it, when I ignored that pang in my gut and the voice in the silent moments, nothing good has come.  And so it is now with my art.  My work is less planned than felt.  Let structured than fortuitous.  Less a product of my analytical than of my passion.

Art nude photograph in mylar by Lucas James



Lucas James is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, NH.  Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography.

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Grace and Strength

The subtitle to this post should be “why I never delete images”.  I was browsing through my catalog of past work when I came upon this image.  More after the jump.

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The Passing of Time

Anisotropic Images A Happy Accident Art Nude Photography By Lucas James






Photography helps us see things that are normally invisible to us.  A photograph can freeze an instant, revealing the beat of a hummingbird’s wings or the look of surprise as it flashes across the face of a friend.  Cameras can detect wavelengths of light invisible to humans, opening up new worlds for exploration or amplify faint glimmers from stars so that we can see the night sky in all of its glory.

Time not as Passing, but as a Whole

Human memory is often in the form of images recollected- slices of time recalled years later- which may be why photographs and snapshots resonate so deeply.  But according to Einstein, time and space can be thought of as a continual surface where our existence is played out on a four dimensional surface.  One where past, present and future meld seamlessly.  What the heck does this have to do with art and photography?  Well, more after the jump!

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Mirage 41: Texture

Texture and a Different Angle

Another from the recent series with Ramagious and a textured metal sheet.  In this instance I flipped the sheet for a different perspective. Continue reading »

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