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Art is incompatible with social media

This image got banned from Instagram.  Twice. 

art nude done in wet plate collodion tintype

I’m not entirely sure why, although I suspect someone thinks they can see a nipple somewhere in it.  The horror.  I don’t have a problem with sites setting guidelines on what can and cannot be shown.  They are, in a strict sense, private property and can control whatever message is shown there.  Sites like Facebook and Instagram are businesses and as such they have chosen to try an be all things to the majority of people.  And that is where the problem is.  Art and intellectual discourse are by their very nature subversive and outside the realm of consensus.  Every great idea- impressionism, abstract art, relativity, etc, started out as heresy to an orthodox way of thinking.  I am not so vain as to think my work is on the same level, but if you want to find something new, something that makes you think, the middle of the herd is the wrong place to look.  Social media, in trying to be as inoffensive as possible, sands down the sharp and the rough so everything becomes just OK.  The avant garde is not in the middle!

The upside of getting banned is that I will be posting more of my work here, where I can talk about it in a deeper way.  This image is about tension.  Zara is trying to hold a pose, to find stillness.  Ultimately this is impossible.  We can approximate being still, but every fiber of our being vibrates with energy!  Even without life there is movement.  The mountains appear static and un-moving, but observed over eons they change, shift and move.  Stillness is an illusion.  So why do we try to find it?  I think some of it is our perception of time and what its passing does to us.  If we can slow ourselves, perhaps we can pause time itself, or so the thinking goes. 

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Experiments in depicting the human form

Experiments in the Human Form

Things don’t always go as planned in art.  And that’s a good thing!  Experimentation has a key role in creativity. Continue reading »

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angel or messenger abstract figure photography by Lucas JamesMessengers

Sometimes it seems like an image is a messenger, trying to convey something deeper from a place beyond consciousness. Continue reading »

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New Work: Physical Psychological

I’ve been creating some new artwork that gets at the physical-psychological link between perception and bodily reality. Continue reading »

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Surface II

Fine art nude reflection by Lucas JamesLately I’ve been processing my images to enhance the metal surface features.

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Fine art nude reflection by Lucas James

I just got back from a weeklong photographic workshop with Connie Imboden up a the Maine Media Workshops.  It was an amazing experience and I’ll write more about it later, but one thing in particular stuck with me.  Connie repeatedly emphasized paying attention to the edges of the frame.  The constrictions of the photographic form force us into a defined compositional shape, but the form can be a source of creative seeing as well. Continue reading »

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IAethereal Art nude photography reflections by Lucas Jamest has been years, maybe even decades, but I can still remember the air that night. Continue reading »

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Memories of camping

How do I show you a memory?

art nude photograph from the metal mirror series by Lucas James

We could hear the storm rolling up the valley, slowly rumbling in its ascent of our ridge line. Continue reading »

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Revisiting Previous Work

Mara revisited_art nude in mylar by Lucas James

I spent some time revisiting images I made as part of a shoot last year.  I didn’t originally intend to spend a day going back through an old Lightroom catalog, but a hard drive crash and rebuild necessitated a few hours spent reconnecting files.  And in doing so I reconnected with some work I had forgotten about.

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Particulate Wavelengths

Energetic wave lengths an abstract art nude by Lucas James


Existence is the burning of energy.

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