I wish I could say that I planned this…

But as is the case with much of my life, that simply isn’t true.  For much of my career in science I have relied upon a solidly unscientific tool- my gut.  It’s true that I weigh the data and information about every decision, spend house analyzing options and worry over possibilities.  But when a major decision has to be made, such as which job to take, what path to follow or (most importantly) with whom to spend the rest of my life, I have always gone on instinct.  The few times I didn’t trust it, when I ignored that pang in my gut and the voice in the silent moments, nothing good has come.  And so it is now with my art.  My work is less planned than felt.  Let structured than fortuitous.  Less a product of my analytical than of my passion.

Art nude photograph in mylar by Lucas James



Lucas James is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, NH.  Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography.

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