Street Photography with the Fuji x100

A buddy of mine recently acquired a used Fuji x100 and lent it to me for a weekend.  The leaf shutter and its ability to sync to 1/4000th of a second is a very compelling feature and I used it in a class to create a moody vibe for our images (see an example here).  But I wanted to see how the Fuji x100 would perform in street photography, so I dragged it around Boston for a day.  Some of the results are after the jump. (more…)

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Creative Process: Nudes in Nature

Nudes in Nature Lucas JamesI’m teaching a class this weekend entitled “Nudes in Nature”.  I’m out of my comfort zone with this workshop, as I really don’t shoot nudes outside.  It’s just not my thing, mostly because the subject risks becoming clichè or trite.  How many images are there of: nude on a rock, nude in front of a bush, nude on the sand, etc?  I’m guessing billions.  But I’m a firm believer that struggle leads to growth, so I’m all in for the course.

So how am I going to get around this?  Whenever I get stuck, I go at a problem from a different angle.  Forget the nudity for now and let’s focus on some concepts.  We’ll fill in subject and technique later.  Bear with me through a decidedly non-linear creative process after the jump.


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