Grace and Strength

The subtitle to this post should be “why I never delete images”.  I was browsing through my catalog of past work when I came upon this image.  More after the jump.

Something called out to me today about this photograph that did not back when I first went through the session.  Maybe I was overloaded, or maybe I was looking for something else.  Or maybe I just missed it.  Regardless, today it had something for me.

Grace of Form

I love the flow and softness of the body’s form in this photograph.  The line of Mara’s shoulder and back compliment both the shadow and the markings on the copper plate.  But the streaks across her back- marks that are actually on the surface of the plate- are something interesting to me.  They look like recently healed wounds or scars and she is gathering her strength after a great struggle.  But it is a struggle that she has won.  The scars may hurt, but she has come through the trial victorious, stronger and wiser for the experience.  She rises with grace and strength.  Never give up and never abandon.

Grace and Strength a conceptual art photograph by Lucas James of Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography



Lucas James is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, NH.  Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography.

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