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New Paths: Wetplate Collodion and Beyond

I’ve been pursuing some new creative avenues.


Wet plate collodion selfie

So there is a good reason why there are so few selfies from the wet plate collodion era! Somehow, I managed to do muck up just about everything here, including tearing the emulsion. Yet it still looks interesting to me!

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Camp Tintype 2017

My adventures at John Coffer’s Camp Tintype.


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The Many States of Mylar

Abstract mylar art nude by Lucas JamesThe challenge with Mylar is that so many different things are possible! Continue reading »

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Harnessing the human body

Direct full frontal nudity is so common on the web and in art that it has become cliche´and easy to dismiss as crude, titillating or exploitive.  This is one reason I utilize obscuring or distorted reflective surfaces in depicting the nude.   Continue reading »

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Change Brings A New Perspective

Art nude reflected in mylar sheeting captured as a digital photograph.

It’s been a long while since I have posted, and needless to say there have been some changes in my art and life.  But change can be a good thing. Continue reading »

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Experiments in depicting the human form

Experiments in the Human Form

Things don’t always go as planned in art.  And that’s a good thing!  Experimentation has a key role in creativity. Continue reading »

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New55 Portraits

This will be a quick one!  I dropped by the SOPHA the other day t0 play with some New55 film and to shoot a couple of portraits.

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Back from Cincinnati

We’re back from my opening at Manifest Gallery and while I hope you go see the show, there are so many other reasons to go to Cincinnati! Continue reading »

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Pathos dynamic tension in the male nude by Lucas James Anisotropic Images photography

In my art I have been attempting to portray an inner-self.  It’s a vision within us that exists in balance with the outside physical world, but is largely hidden.  I made a small change in my photography, and it took my work deeper into this realm. Continue reading »

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Solo Show at Manifest Gallery

I have a solo show coming up! Continue reading »

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