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Art Isn’t Always Pretty

A human figure, abstracted.
Saint Abigail, Pointing to Social Media Wounds

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Abbie lately on a series of Mylar reflections. These images, like a lot of my work, might come across as grotesque. But this is nothing new in art! Depictions of catholic saints commonly depicted their trials and sufferings in gruesome detail. My mother tells of a statue at her childhood church honoring Saint Lucy, who was martyred by having her eyes plucked out. The statue had dark holes for eyes and she held a platter with a cloth covering it- out from underneath peaked her eyes. (The fact that this statue had been hidden away up in the choir loft no doubt added to the creepy nature of it!) Most folks today would find such a thing utterly gruesome, but in its time the statue communicated a story in a way that was much safer to experience than seeing the actual event.

This image with Abbie speaks to me of the damage that social media, and our obsession with fleeting images, does on a daily basis. Contemplation, nuance and just plain old boredom seem to be dead, and we are the poorer as a society for it. (That said, I’ll likely put an edited version of this image up on Instagram to get it out there.) Shooting these kind of images in digital takes me into a flow state where I see and react, but without conscious thought or design. It is distinctly different compared to the wet plate work. Not better or worse, just different. Both provide a semi-meditative working state, and in both I often do not fully appreciate the results until much later after reflection.

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The Many States of Mylar

Abstract mylar art nude by Lucas JamesThe challenge with Mylar is that so many different things are possible! Continue reading »

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Harnessing the human body

Direct full frontal nudity is so common on the web and in art that it has become cliche´and easy to dismiss as crude, titillating or exploitive.  This is one reason I utilize obscuring or distorted reflective surfaces in depicting the nude.   Continue reading »

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Change Brings A New Perspective

Art nude reflected in mylar sheeting captured as a digital photograph.

It’s been a long while since I have posted, and needless to say there have been some changes in my art and life.  But change can be a good thing. Continue reading »

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Revisiting Previous Work

Mara revisited_art nude in mylar by Lucas James

I spent some time revisiting images I made as part of a shoot last year.  I didn’t originally intend to spend a day going back through an old Lightroom catalog, but a hard drive crash and rebuild necessitated a few hours spent reconnecting files.  And in doing so I reconnected with some work I had forgotten about.

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I wish I could say that I planned this…

But as is the case with much of my life, that simply isn’t true.  For much of my career in science I have relied upon a solidly unscientific tool- my gut.  It’s true that I weigh the data and information about every decision, spend house analyzing options and worry over possibilities.  But when a major decision has to be made, such as which job to take, what path to follow or (most importantly) with whom to spend the rest of my life, I have always gone on instinct.  The few times I didn’t trust it, when I ignored that pang in my gut and the voice in the silent moments, nothing good has come.  And so it is now with my art.  My work is less planned than felt.  Let structured than fortuitous.  Less a product of my analytical than of my passion.

Art nude photograph in mylar by Lucas James



Lucas James is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, NH.  Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography.

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Mystery in Reality

Art photography by Lucas James; Mara in Mylar

Who needs mysticism when you have reality? Continue reading »

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Constantly in Motion

Art photography by Lucas James; Mara in Mylar.

There is a certain irony in trying to photography cherry blossoms.  Why try to preserve what is only beautiful because it is impermanent?

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Exhalation, Inspiration

Photography of reflections in mylar by Lucas James of Anisotropic Images Photography

I exhale and molecules that once comprised my flesh are thrown forth.

Carbon atoms forged in the furnaces of ancient stars,

borrowed to build what stands before you,

now recycled to the air,

possibly to become flesh again.

I complete and am completed. Continue reading »

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Particulate Wavelengths

Energetic wave lengths an abstract art nude by Lucas James


Existence is the burning of energy.

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