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Working with Film. Again.

I started off in photography many years ago with film.  Lately, I’ve come back to it, but for very interesting reasons. Continue reading »

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The Value of Mentorship

Event Horizon series at 555 Gallery in Boston

Over the past year I’ve discovered the incredible value of professional mentorship.  Read on to find out why you should seek out a mentor to improve your art. Continue reading »

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Instagram: an Artistic Tool?

Instagram an Artistic Tool by Lucas James Anisotropic Images photography

I finally gave in and got an Instagram account (@anisotropicimages).  But before you roll your eyes, hear me out.  It’s actually been a great tool for developing my artistic vision. Continue reading »

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Photo Studio Conversations: Gear

First in a series of posts inspired by conversations at the photo studio.  First up: gear- it doesn’t make you a better photographer.  Or could it? Continue reading »

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Creating New Work

Monotone fine art nude photograph by Lucas James

My creative process is an exploratory (and often random) one.  It’s through the creation of the mirrors from sheets of metal and the subsequent photography that an image- an idea- reveals itself.  I find rather than plan.

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Learning Through Exploration: Part 2

Reflections art nude photograph by Lucas James of Anisotropic Images PhotographySometimes the Experiment Works as Planned and Sometimes….

Not so much.  I had a particular idea in mind, but only managed to partially realize the final image.

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Learning through exploration

Fine Art Nude photograph in mylar by Lucas JamesSome of my greatest discoveries have come from the act of screwing around.

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The Value of Critique

abstract art nude photograph from the Mirage series by Lucas James Photography






Two weekends ago I took part in an event called Critical Conversations hosted by the Griffin Photography Museum in Winchester, MA.  It was a great learning experience and it reminded me of how and why independent critique is so valuable in creative fields like photography.  More after the jump!

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Evolving Vision

Mara Art Nude Anisotropic Images

I find than my artistic vision is evolving, especially as I create and view more art.  I was going through some older work and I found some things that had initially not made the cut for my portfolio, but that I now see in a new way.  More after the jump:

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Experiments with Fire

Some people play with fire.  I experiment with it.

All creativity is on some level a form of play.  As we get older, it goes by different names: sketching, experimenting, or trying something new are all synonyms.  I decided to literally play with fire.  Don’t worry, no one got hurt!

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