Reflective Portraits

Portraits made in Metal Sheeting

This has been a little side project of mine.  Someone in the portfolio walk portion of the New England Portfolio Review had suggested making portraits using the metal mirrors.  I was skeptical of the idea at first, but the results have been… interesting.

Here is one of the more recent portraits, this time of the model Ramagious.  The metal gives a soft, far away sort of look- almost like looking back through an antique mirror.   The pose and the metal flattens some of her anatomy, making for an androgynous image.  Portrait in metal, an art nude by Lucas James.  Anisotropic Images Photography

The metal sheet in this instance was a piece of printing copper. It’s been used in multiple shoots and lately I have been leaving it in the garage and allowing the elements to take their toll, hence the surface patina.  The changing surface has me thinking about a long term project using the surface corrosion as a metaphor for the passage of time.  Something to ponder…






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