Apologies and Abstract Photography

Back from Hiatus

I’ve been a bit derelict in posting lately and for that I apologize.  What can I say- between the real job, prepping for shows and editing photos, I fell a bit behind in putting images up on the site.  But better late than never! 

Abstract Light

I have posted some abstract photography in the past and have been building a body of work more recently.  Some are wandering observations like these:

Abstract photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images
Ceiling 1
Abstract Photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images
Ceiling 2


Abstract_June 2013 Anisotropic Images_4

Abstract Image. Anisotropic Images
Abstract Color Study

The patterns of shadow and light interference caught my eye in each of these.  There really is no form here, just abstract shapes and light that evoke a particular feel.

Abstract in the Concrete

Sometimes the subject is something more solid than just light and shadow, and a change of perspective finds the abstract.

abstract photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images
Working Late

Street photography Fuji x100 Lucas James Anisotropic Images

What I like best about creating abstract photographs is that it is a chance to play outside the rules of convention.  Admonitions about how an “ideal” photograph should be composed bore me to death!  What matters is whether the image is interesting.  I’ll leave it to the viewer to figure out why.




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