Pathos dynamic tension in the male nude by Lucas James Anisotropic Images photography

In my art I have been attempting to portray an inner-self.  It’s a vision within us that exists in balance with the outside physical world, but is largely hidden.  I made a small change in my photography, and it took my work deeper into this realm. Continue reading »

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Solo Show at Manifest Gallery

I have a solo show coming up! Continue reading »

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Contouring with Color

contour with lighting art nude by Lucas James Anisotropic Images

I’ve been experimenting with color and how to use it to contour the body. Continue reading »

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angel or messenger abstract figure photography by Lucas JamesMessengers

Sometimes it seems like an image is a messenger, trying to convey something deeper from a place beyond consciousness. Continue reading »

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New Work- Dualities

Dualities of form abstract figurative photography by Lucas James Anisotropic Images


It might seem that I have taken a break from the metal mirror work, what with all of the large format film work I’ve been posting lately.  But that is definitely not the case! Continue reading »

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Unexpected Results

I love when I get something completely unexpected! Continue reading »

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Working with Film. Again.

I started off in photography many years ago with film.  Lately, I’ve come back to it, but for very interesting reasons. Continue reading »

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A Night with Instant 8×10

Fotofilmic recently held a series of 8×10 Impossible film workshops and I got to attend one at the Griffin Museum of Photography.  What a cool night! Continue reading »

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Bodily Incursion

I have a hard time writing about my artwork.  Multiple ideas run around in my head an coalesce into images, but not necessarily words. Continue reading »

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New Work: Physical Psychological

I’ve been creating some new artwork that gets at the physical-psychological link between perception and bodily reality. Continue reading »

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