Revisiting Previous Work

Mara revisited_art nude in mylar by Lucas James

I spent some time revisiting images I made as part of a shoot last year.  I didn’t originally intend to spend a day going back through an old Lightroom catalog, but a hard drive crash and rebuild necessitated a few hours spent reconnecting files.  And in doing so I reconnected with some work I had forgotten about.


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The New England Portolio Review: A Community of Artists

Portfolio Review

As artists we all need feedback and critiques in order to grow and portfolio reviews offer to provide it.  Sometimes that feedback takes the form of subtle guidance and sometimes it comes as a shocking gut check, especially when we become too close to a body of work.  Tim Gunn refers to this as “living in the monkey house”- when you first walk in the smell is completely overwhelming, but after awhile the stench fades until you no longer notice it.  Critique can help an artist wake up and smell the monkey crap. (more…)

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