The Many States of Mylar

Abstract mylar art nude by Lucas JamesThe challenge with Mylar is that so many different things are possible!

I love how versatile Mylar is as a medium, but that versatility sometimes is a challenge, simply because it can be hard to know what aspect to focus on!

Abstract mylar art nude by Lucas James

In the picture above, I used a standard flash sync speed and let the Mylar drive the abstraction.  I dragged the shutter a bit to let some ambient light into the background, but most of the image is frozen abstraction.  But in the image below, I used a longer shutter speed and a combination of both strobe and constant lighting.  The result is a blurring of motion and an image similar to the aluminum sheet work that I produced previously, but with its own unique features, such as the doubling of the outline along her shoulder.

Abstract mylar art nude by Lucas James

These two photos were taken on the same day with the same model, separated by maybe thirty minutes.  I love the variety and the potential for exploration but Mylar forces me to focus on a particular technique if I want deeper, meaningful results.  I’m really looking forward to delving into each of these techniques in more depth over the next few months!


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