Nucleus: A New Image Series

Nucleus: A New Images Series

Its funny how you need criticism when you least expect it.  At least that is the case for me.  I can be humming along, thinking things are hunky-dory only to have someone point out how I could do something better.  Don’t get me wrong- this can be an awesome thing if you are open to it!

Anisotropic Images Fine Art Nude Photography
Nucleus 1
Anisotropic Images Fine Art Nude Photography
Nucleus 2
Anisotropic Images Fine Art Nude Photography
Nucleus 3

I had reached what seemed like the end of ideas for these metal mirror images, even though the last session with Mara was one of my most productive.  I was just having a hard time seeing where to go next, so I assumed there was nowhere left.  Thankfully I was wrong.  Last weekend I took my work to the New England Portfolio Review.  Several reviewers commented on the arrangement of the three images above and how these could form the beginning of a new series, if developed well.  All share a common composition and focus, even though they are shot through different materials.  They all have a shared feeling of looking through some portal where the viewer gets to see another world or place.  Suddenly I could see just how to develop this concept into a richer and deeper set of images.  A narrative began forming in my mind and has continued to evolve over the past week.  Funny thing is, that same sequencing of the three images had been sitting in front of me on a photo board for more than a week!  I had been looking at it, along with the rest of the portfolio, day in and day out but had not truly “seen”.  It took the reviewer’s nudge to jar the ideas loose in my brain and to help me see again.  Now it feels like the gears are unstuck and my mind is blazing a plan of ideas for the rest of the series.  I am making new mirrors and cannot wait to get back into the studio!  Stay tuned to see how the rest of this creation turns out!

Copyright Anisotropic Images 2013.  Images produced at the SOPHA in Manchester, NH.

New England Portfolio Review:

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