Abstract Art Nude Outtakes 2

I was going through my catalogs and thought I’d share some outtakes of a previous shoot, as well as some thoughts on how my style has evolved.

Outtakes from the Mirror Series: Abstract Art Nudes

I’m shooting with Mara again tomorrow and really looking forward to it!  Between both of our schedules, it has been nearly two months since we have worked together and I have really been missing the interaction with her.  In getting ready for the shoot I went back through my Lightroom catalog and did something I don’t usually do- namely to flip through the images without keyword filtering.  I hadn’t seen these photographs in awhile and they caught my eye.  I don’t usually share outtakes, but these show something about how my art has evolved.  I’m going to break these into a couple of posts for length.

Abstract art nude photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images Photography
Mara Outtake 1

This is one of the early photographs with the polished aluminum mirrors.  I was already drawn to strong chiaroscuro in the images, but I had not started adding separation to the background.  That actually came as an accident later in this session and it changed the feeling of the images so much that I have kept it ever since.  Compare this image to the one below.  It was created in the same session, but with the background separation added.  It has a totally different feel and depth to it.

Abstract Art nude photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images Fine Art Nude Photography


Photography and text by Lucas James, Anisotropic Images.  Based in Manchester, NH.

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