Mirage 30

Mirage 30: Abstract Art Nudes in Blue

Another from the other night with Mara.  In these photographs I’m using polished sheets of aluminum.  This one got a different treatment.  More after the jump.

I purposely look for scratched, dented and just plain messed up sheets.  I then polish them by hand and add scoring, dents, pockmarks and other surface features.  For this one I intentionally knocked in dents with hammer and a blunt nail.  The result is a multifaceted surface that generates a surreal image in reflection.  The lighting is a combination of strobes and LED Christmas lights (lots of em!).  The red comes from washing a bit of strobe light off of a red wall.  Nothing is done in post except to edit out the clamps that hold up the sheets.  I love how the lights swirl around Mara, like bio-luminescent jellyfish and Mara herself dissolves into a vortex of darkness.  Enjoy!

art nude photograph by Lucas James Anisotropic Images Photography



Lucas James is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, NH.  Anisotropic Images Fine Art Photography.

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