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Fine Art Nude photograph in mylar by Lucas JamesSome of my greatest discoveries have come from the act of screwing around.


OK, so how about a not-so-lyrical post?  As a scientist by training, I am drawn to experimentation.  A key part of experimentation is the instinct to explore, or in layman’s terms a willingness to say “what’s this button do?” and then actually push the button.  These images are a case in point.  I was working with Sera using Mylar as a mirror surface.  I switched out the sheets and grabbed one that had been resting on the ground.  I did not realize it at the time, but the sheet had picked up some dust.  And by some, I mean a ton!  So back at my computer I was faced with trying to find some way to remove the dust without a) destroying the image and b) going insane.  I found a couple of tutorials about using the dust/scratches filter in photoshop in a separate layer.  I then tried different ways of combining the layers and stumbled upon a method of multiplying the dust elimination layer in combination with the original layer.  The result is below:

Fine Art Nude photograph in mylar by Lucas James

It’s pretty dramatic vs. the original!  Of course I then applied it to a couple of other images, but now I have a dilemma as to which version I prefer.  Any preferences as to A vs. B?


Fine art nude photograph in mylar by Lucas JamesFine art nude photograph in mylar by Lucas James


















Lucas James is a Fine Art Photographer whose practice focuses on re-envisioning the human form.  He is based in Manchester, NH.



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