Experimentation pt 2: Surfaces in the Mirage Art Nudes

abstract art nude
Mirage 17

Experimentation with surface treatments in the Mirage series of abstract art nudes.

This is the second image where I was experimenting with surface treatments to the metal plate.  My goal was to bring some additional texture and sense of movement to the image.  I wrote more about the process applied to the plate in part 1.  I think the end result turned out quite well- the surface strokes mirror the movement of Doe’s body and give it an additional sense of texture.  There is a certain sense of flow generated by her pose, the surface strokes and the distortion of the lights in the upper left hand corner of the frame.  While I am happy with this image, I may knock the intensity of the smudges back in the next go around so they become a more subtle texture.  We’ll have to see how it turns out!

As before, there is no Photoshop manipulation beyond cloning out the plate clamps and adjusting the exposure.

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